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The People of LRF

Founder and Executive Director, Bev Pomering

Bev Pomering is a lifelong resident of the IL/WI stateline area. She married Terry Pomering over 25 years ago. Together they raised two boys in Roscoe, Illinois. The Pomerings lost their first born son, Alex in August 2019 at age 20 from a fentanyl overdose while doing heroin.

Alex had increased his drug use over the years starting with marijuana and alcohol use at 13 years old. By the time Alex turned 20 he was also using prescription pills, cocaine and heroin. Bev & Terry have been told that Alex had kept the increase of drug use into cocaine and heroin from them because he was ashamed. Alex had tried to stop using these drugs but without his family knowing he had even less of a chance to fight the addiction. This is where the passion behind Live R.E.A.L. was born. Bev hopes that providing education, awareness, resources and support to those who are struggling that she will make a difference in the world. "Imagine how your life would be different if you and those in your circle lived life authentically. Society will change if each of us strive to build relationships with people by sharing your life experiences and willingly walk beside them in difficult times without judgement. Love is contagious!" ~ Bev Pomering

President, Christopher Doering

Most people call him Chris, unless he is in trouble with his mom, even today.
Chris is a husband, father/stepfather, son, brother, uncle, and his personal favorite, Grandpa. He is a Christian and a Jesus follower. Chris is not perfect and doesn’t pretend to be. He is a broken person and relies on the grace of god. Chris is a church elder to help guide the spiritual direction of our congregation.
Chris has a personal and emotional interest in Live R.E.A.L. . Alex’s story is very powerful for him. Alex was Chris' son’s best friend and the kindest and most polite of his friends. When Chris' family had celebrations, their kids were always allowed a guest, and Alex was always his son’s “plus one.” Alex passed away in his son’s house. Chris was devastated and shocked when his son called him with the news. Chris would more likely have expected the opposite call. A lot changed that day.
Chris' life experience has taught him the pain and anguish of addiction and the roller coaster ride of mental health issues. His goal in serving on the board of Live R. E.A.L. is to bring awareness that there is hope and that many others struggle similarly. The systems in place are insufficient and fail us regularly. We need to be R.E.A.L..

Treasurer, Nannette Reid

Nannette Reid grew up in Rockton, IL and lived in the Roscoe/Rockton area until marrying her current husband more than 20 years ago and moving to Wisconsin for his job. In her spare time, she enjoys camping, traveling, exploring Wisconsin on her ATV, and crafting with friends. Her greatest joy though is her grandson.

Living R.E.A.L. is a very personal journey for Nannette, especially after losing her nephew, Alex, to a fentanyl and heroin overdose in 2019. She grew up in a dysfunctional home in northern Illinois surrounded by alcoholism and mental health issues. As a child, she felt unworthy, ashamed, and isolated. When she turned 21, she started attending Al-anon meeting, where she began to learn that she wasn’t any of those things. When her son was born in the mid-80’s, she was determined that she would somehow “break the chain” and that he would always know that he was loved and important. Then in her mid-thirties, she had the opportunity to work for Hazelden Foundation (now Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation) for almost 10 years where she learned more about the addiction disease and her own co-dependency shaped lifestyle.

To Nannette, it’s an ongoing journey to fill her life with empathy, authenticity, and love in a relational manner. Her desire is to help change the world so that it’s one filled with understanding and compassion for everyone.

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